Family / Drama / Film

A near-death old lady sees his beloved father at the last moment due to her strong love towards him...

Key Crew
Director & Cinematographer: Xiang "Shawn" Cao
1st Assistant Director: Yifan Wang
Producer: Yuchuan Cao
Co-Producer: Chih Hsuan Hsiung
Starring:Rhoda Pell / Christopher Ambros 
Editor: Dede Harlan
Make up: Beatrice Wan
Production Designer: Chen Yao
Art Director & Art director: Qian Zhou
Colorist: Runhua Zhou
BTS: Yifan Wang

Operator: Xiang "Shawn" Cao
1st AC: Bin Luo
2nd AC: Dre MW
Gaffer: Edream Wang
Key Grip: Hanqing Ma
Sound: Nazgul K

Tech Info
Camera: ARRI Arriflex 535 Camera
Lens: ZEISS Supreme Prime lens 

In Feb 2022
--Behind The Scene--

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