Drama / Musical / Dance

Heller wanted to prove that she could perform on stage. But her mentor didn't approve of her performance. Lost, she sat on the stage, and the second hand of the clock became louder and louder, so she devoted herself to her inner world...

Key Crew
Director: Honglin Zhou
Cinematographer: Xiang "Shawn" Cao
Casting Director: Sisi Liu
1st Assistant Director: Yue Gu
Producer: Chih Hsuan Hsiung
Artist: Veronica Ramirez
Choreographer: Vanessa Ramirez
Starring: Kexin Xia / Pat Nye / Mikhaela Bernal- Tent / Winnie Wang / Sarah Joy Reed
Editor: Dede Harlan
Make up: Beatrice Wan / Gexuan Song
Production Designer: Chen Yao
Art Director: Qian Zhou
Wardrobe: Chenxing Yang
Colorist: Yifu Wang
Composer: Xuan Meng
BTS:Edream Wang
Covid-19 Officer: Jie Deng

Operator: Xiang "Shawn" Cao
Steadicam Operator: Jay Chen
1st AC: James Valdez
2nd AC: Nethra Gururaj
Gaffer: Haobang Geng
Key Grip: Peiming Mao
BBE: Nick Azzaro
G&E: Hanqing Ma

Tech Info
Camera: Sony Venice 6k Digital Picture Camera / RED Gemini
Lens: SIGMA T2 High-Speed Zoom Lens / DZO Film Vespid Prime

In June 2022

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